Update on MalTrials project

In January 2013 we finalised all agreements regarding the Norwegian Research Council grant regarding the MalTrials project: Combining indoor residual spraying and long-lasting insecticidal nets for preventing malaria: Cluster randomised trial in Ethiopia.

This note presents an update on the progress of the planned work:

  • Ethical clearance: We have applied for ethical permission to start the project, and we hope to get these permissions in July.
  • Once we get permission from Ethiopian authorities, we plan to start some pilot studies on:
    • Map the areas, and identify potential hot spots for malaria transmission
    • Select three kebeles (about 30 Gares, villages). We shall measure the incidence; find out the variation in incidence between the villages. This will enable us to calculate the correct sample size for our trial.
    • Start some entomological studies.
  • We have recruited three PhD students:
    • Taye Gari (epidemiology)
    • Alemayehu Desalegn (Health economics)
    • Oljira Kenea (Entomology)
  • We plan to start the main malaria trial in early 2014.



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